STOP Boiling Over!

Some time ago I stumbled across a Kitchen tip that has become one of my most valuable bits of kitchen knowledge.  It may sound too simple, unbelievable and possibly a down right lie BUT I can assure you it works EVERY TIME!

The ONLY gadget you will need is a wooden spoon that can sit comfortably atop your pot. Put it on when you start cooking (before boiling, works best). Yep, that's it! I can honestly say I have no idea WHY this works, but it does, every time.  I will say, I have an electric stove (although I REALLY REALLY miss gas stoves!).  If you have a gas stove, I would love your feedback on this method.


  1. I love this! I usually stay next to the stove and blow on the top when it gets close to boiling over. This will let me stay busy doing other things while I wait for the pasta. thankx

  2. The reason this works is because the wooden spoon will pop the bubbles before the pot boils over.


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