Critters on the Homestead - Meet Oscar

Oscar.  He’s a strange one.  He’s a rescue we got nearly 9 years ago when we lived in Virginia.  His mother is full bred Dachshund.  They told us the father was a Terrier but we are convinced it was a Beagle.

Oscar LOVES his veggies!

He’s a lovable and loyal friend but I can tell you his energy level is better suited for the elderly rather than 3 boys.  He’ll go for a nice, slow walk or sit outside on the porch with you, but don’t expect any ball catching around going on here.  This, of course, causes him to continually be overweight despite our best efforts.

Around age 3 he developed some sort of allergy which causes his ears to crust (yeah, yuck!!) and his hair to fall out!  So after nearly $1,000 in vet bills and many months of treatments, medications and creams, we decided to go our own route.  And we’re SO GLAD we did!

A friend suggest Nutro Naturals (Venison formula only) to essentially ‘cure’ the allergy issue.  I’m here to tell you that after just ONE MONTH on the Naturals, his hair was restored and his ears completely cleared up! That was nearly 5 years ago.

About a year ago, our middle son fell on Oscar and injured his shoulder. He still favors it on occasion and (re)pulls the muscle making it difficult to walk.  It doesn’t help that he tends to have a weight problem with his lineage and inactivity.

So back to the books I went (or in this case the internet!).  I’m not about to pay hundreds of dollars in veterinary bills AGAIN with no results.  So, after lengthy searches and lots of reading, I learned that dogs LOVE fruits and vegetables.  They can’t have all fruits and vegetables but enough to comprise a nice variety.

Be sure to research this yourself before feeding pets any new foods.

Give Oscar a bowl of carrots and apples and he’s got it down within minutes!  AND, his shoulder was feeling better within 2 DAYS! Needless to say, this pooch is getting a steady raw diet (mixed with his Nutro Naturals for complete nutrition).

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