Getting Ready for Chickens

So how about those organic egg prices?  Not so budget friendly are they?!  And in light of the recent Bird Flu, ALL eggs have doubled and tripled in price!  I don't know about you, but I'm not about to pay those prices, especially for eggs that 'they' will deem okay to eat when this is all over.  So…. we’ve decided raising our own chickens (for their eggs) is the way to go.  We have the space so why not, right?
The coop is actually an attachment my ever-so-handy-hubby is building on the side of the shed out back.  These chickens are going to be living in the Taj Mahal!  That’s alright; maybe they’ll produce even more eggs for us.  At this point, the walls and wire are up, the roosts are set and the floors are down.  There are a couple more things that need to be done, including staining everything (that’s going to be my job) and then we’ll go pick out some chickens!

We even got a couple of the boys in on the building!  

Make sure to check back for updates! We should have our chickens by the end of the summer!!
On a side note, I'm trying to learn as much as possible which to equates to an overactive Pinterest Board!

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