Some of my favorite Facebook pages

These are the main pages I follow on Facebook.  I don't really have time to 'surf' Facebook for hours on end so I've narrowed my Feed to just those I really am interested in reading.

Good News Network.  With nearly 400,000 followers this is definitely one to start your day!  Get a does of truly good news on anything and everything worth noting around the globe.

Designing Dawn.  I love her DIY projects so much I literally copied her Kitchen and made it my own. Check her out!

Remodelaholic.  They have a big following, nearly 200,000 but still very helpful, relevant and insightful posts.  She regularly features readers questions and her many followers always come through with great suggestions!

Homesteading Freedom.  A site I just recently started following and already has paid off!  She posted a remedy for tent caterpillars (spray the webs with vegetable oil - kills the caterpillar but not the plant) and it works great!  We did it to all our fruit trees and so far so good!

Freebie Shark.  This is an awesome coupon site.  She'll even stack coupons (with links!) to get you the very best deals!  Recently she staked some Target and manufacturer coupons.  I had over $45 worth of items in my cart, yet paid only $17!  A penny saved....a penny earned.

Becoming Minimalist.  LOVE this site.  Great quotes and articles for living a simple and purposeful life; remembering what's important in our lives.

Lucas Roasting Company.  Not only do they sell the BEST coffee available, their Facebook page consistently posts articles on the lives of coffee farmers, fun coffee facts and more.  KNOW where you get your coffee!

Andrea Dekker.  Touches on a little bit of everything.  She's very down to earth and easy to read. Great for young families.

Farmgirl Gourmet.  The name says it all and I aspire to make some of her awesome dishes!

I Support Farmer's Markets.  Great information on advances in the organic world, along with other useful articles on organic food, GMOs, etc.

Planet Green.  You get the idea.

La Leche League.  Advice on all things breastfeeding and being a mom.  I was a LLLeader for 7 years and loved every minute of it!  I only stopped because the area in Virginia where I lived didn't have a solid group.

Food Inc.  Rocking the world with over 1 MILLION followers, Food Inc, offers insightful articles on what is affecting our food around the globe.

and of course,

Homesteading in Suburbia

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