60+ Fruits and Vegetables for Dogs - What's Okay and What's Not

Dogs like fruits and vegetables just as much as we do, and luckily there are PLENTY to choose from.

We have 2 dogs; Oscar our 9 year old Dachshund mix and Macy our 6-month old Black Lab.  Unfortunately, Oscar currently has Lyme Disease AND Thyroid Disease (low T3 and T4 cells).  This prompted me to extensively research the internet for SAFE and UNSAFE fruits and vegetables in order to help him in any way we could.**

To be honest, I never thought about giving the dogs fruit or vegetables.  I assumed kibble was good enough, however, when you read the research, it's clear that FRESH fruits and vegetables, pared with kibble, are extremely healthy for all ages and stages of dogs.  We were feeding them Nutro Venison Formula but felt that decreasing the kibble and adding the fruits and vegetables would be beneficial. I figured since we are so health conscious with our family, why not our pets?!

Boy were we right!  We chop up a good mix of both for breakfast and dinner and it's gone before we know it.  We also stopped buying treats comprised of mostly fillers and empty calories.  Instead, we keep a container of chopped fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.  I can tell you, they REALLY enjoy having a Watermelon treat after being outside on a hot day!  Not only is it tasty to them but it's nutritious and rehydrates.

So....next time those bananas are getting soft, mash them up and mix in with the kibble.  Your pup will thank you for it!

So, without further ado...

Want to print out a pretty PDF for the refrigerator?  Get it here.

**These are suggestions based only on my personal research and not on the advice of a veterinarian or any other medical professional.

You should do your own research before feeding anything to your pets.  There are several links below to some of the sites we used for this post or simply Google it for more research.



  1. Nice to know that there are healthy loving dogs out there! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thanks! It makes me happy to give them fruits & veggies for snacks instead of empty calorie-filled treats.

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